Story for the gods 2: We need new gods

Kindly find Story for the gods 1 here:

Eledua entered the hall wearing his human-size humanoid form and wore his favourite travelling cloth comprising of jeans, a football jersey, a fez cap and a Nike shoe. As he strode unhurriedly to the podium, various gods who had changed to their god-sized shapes of 30 foot tall and over, due to the charged atmosphere of a moment earlier, were changing briskly into their human-size form, knowing the consequences of being big in his presence. Continue reading “Story for the gods 2: We need new gods”


@1manCabal: If He Could Remember Me (Short Story)

I stepped to the front of Alex Creppy house for the second time in the day. The first time was when I had resumed work in the morning. It would have been the third had I come out for lunch; but fate had pulled a trick on me. Earlier that morning, on my way to work, I had seen a woman beating up her son. She had slapped him hard, over and over again like someone trying to force a jammed cassette out of a player.

“Take it easy, madam!” I could not stand the abuse. “You don’t have to beat him that much, haba!” Then the woman told me how the boy had carelessly lost his lesson fee, slapping him with each word she spoke, against my protest. Continue reading “@1manCabal: If He Could Remember Me (Short Story)”

Story for the gods: A defence

1 of Uncle Gboukzi’s twitter post

Uncle Olumide (@gboukzi), the fitfam master of Nigerian Twitter recently campaigned that people really listen to the lyrics of Olamide’s “Story for the gods” claiming that it promotes date-rape and should not be allowed in the public space.

Story for the gods music video

I am totally against all shades of rape, from marital to statutory, and will support any effort to de-legitimize anything that promotes it in the any amount or degree. However, I must disagree with our venerable Uncle. Continue reading “Story for the gods: A defence”

Story for the gods: The Ponmo Situation

In a galaxy far far away…

An emergency council meeting of the 401 Yoruba gods was in session. A grave situation was being deliberated on and as almost always, the messenger of the gods, Eshu, was at the centre of the problem.

Eshu, the characteristic mischief-maker, who always have a slight grin on his face as if sharing a personal joke with himself, was looking grave as he sat besides Ogun, the god of Iron and War. He eyed the exit beside his seat intermittently, wishing to be anywhere but there and would have sneaked out to join Amadioha and the other Igbo gods in the new yam festival party on their planet, Ulo, if not for Ogun’s magnetic powers that pressed him into his seat. Continue reading “Story for the gods: The Ponmo Situation”

Casanova 101 (4th lecture note)

I stole a page off a friend’s (I didn’t say it’s balo7 ooo) notebook given him in his new coaching class…hmmmm

The reason you are not a player is because you have fallen in love once to a girl, a love with deep emotion and high spiritual connection. Now, that the lady has refused you and you want to be a player, you cannot because in every woman, you see a bit of the girl you hopelessly, helplessly love. And the one you love, you cannot harm.

To be the true player you want, you must guard your heart jealously. You must be vigilant always, never letting anyone come close to it. There must be no love, no matter how small, for any girl, no matter how beautiful, brainy or both combined. Continue reading “Casanova 101 (4th lecture note)”

4 Reasons I won’t play WWTBAM

It’s another Friday and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire takes another stage on our television stations.
I started watching the show shortly after it started. Sometimes around 2004. I had a knack for general knowledge and I used to brag about how much I knew. I was young in my SS class. I made sure I didn’t miss the show every friday night. It was my chance to get my brain working and to find more things to add to my arsenal of knowledge. If there’s no light, I’ll go to the house of the neighbours that had their generator on. I’ll make sure I say the answer loud enough for everyone to hear while watching and I always got the comment that I was intelligent and I should go for the show. I enjoyed the admiration. I had dreams of winning the 5 million. Continue reading “4 Reasons I won’t play WWTBAM”

Ice Bucket Challenge?! Naah. We climb in Africa

While the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and funding for treatment of ALS was making viral laps of honour around the world, some Africans were doing their own challenge to raise awareness for another rare but serious health condition. In a bid to raise awareness on Down syndrome and fundraise for the Down syndrome Foundation, 2 Nigerians and a Cameroonian professional summited Mt Kilimanjaro on Friday 22nd August at about 9.00am. The charity hike called Climb for Down syndrome was organized by Inspired by charity, a Lagos based social enterprise. The professionals, Umar Farouk Umar a UK based software engineer, Thierry Mbimi, Director of Financial Risk Management at KPMG Lagos and Adedotun Eyinade, a Tanzania based Global Fellow with Acumen Fund embarked on the 6-day hike on Monday 18th August through the Machame route. Continue reading “Ice Bucket Challenge?! Naah. We climb in Africa”

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