Story for the gods 2: We need new gods

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Eledua entered the hall wearing his human-size humanoid form and wore his favourite travelling cloth comprising of jeans, a football jersey, a fez cap and a Nike shoe. As he strode unhurriedly to the podium, various gods who had changed to their god-sized shapes of 30 foot tall and over, due to the charged atmosphere of a moment earlier, were changing briskly into their human-size form, knowing the consequences of being big in his presence.

As he got to the podium, Obatala prostrated before him and so did every of the gods on the podium. The rest of the male gods bowed deeply, while the females genuflected. After a few moments, Eledua nodded and they all stood up. Eledua stepped to the microphone to speak, and a majestic chair rose off the bland floor to meet his arse with the microphone also automatically adjusting itself to his height on the chair.

“Good day everyone. It’s good to see you all after such a time away. I must assure you that it was a very fruitful journey. Odin said I should greet you all. Zeus, who I met in Asgard, also extends his regards. He particularly was pleased with the joint manoeuvres he’s been having with Thor and Shango. He said he looks forward to your time as the rotational head of the Council of lightning gods.”

“Which brings me up to this issue on ground. Everyone here knows Shango to be our god of lightning, courage, and strategy. He gave us the strategy that won us the battle for our people in Dahomey. I am very sure and positive that with all our help and support, especially that of the other big eight gods…” He paused for a few seconds as he stared intently at Ogun, before continuing “…we will be able to surmount these coming challenges in a more mature and strategic manner. We must remember that it was our rashness and refusal to learn from other cultures and their mistakes that led to our present state. The Mesi council will meet immediately after this meeting to start the planning.” All the gods nodded in approval as Eledua’s statement, as his statements are automatically laws.

“Which brings me to another thing I learnt over my journey. We need new gods.” A buzz rose in the crowd as the number of side talks amongst the gods increased significantly. Eledua let it go on for a while before raising his hand. Iledi immediately fell into silence again. “We need new gods. Starting from today, we are going to see a steady increase in the number of gods from 401 to 601. It will take years before we get to that number as the gods will be named periodically and intermittently. We cannot stride into the future with the same number of gods since before the Europeans and the Arabs came to disturb us. The universe has changed and we must change with it. Only the dead never adapts. Are we dead?!”

The “No” that erupted in Iledi could easily be picked by the ears of the gods in Ulo. Eledua continued “As you well know, our criteria for new gods vary. Some will be distinguished Yoruba sons and daughter in the area we need new gods, some will be made by our sculptors while others will be summoned from the deep.”

“Today, we have two new gods that will be joining us who are distinguished Yoruba sons. One is a new assistant for Eshu. Eshu is currently overworked being the messenger to all of you. He will now be assisted by…” The main doors made of heavy Iroko woods flung open as a man in tracksuit and sport shoes entered “…Olabisi Ajala, our son who travelled all over the world. As you all know that we already have a god called Ajala, this new god will be called Bisi. Bisi the Traveller, come here”

Bisi prostrated in front of Eledua fully. Eledua placed his left palm on his head and spoke some words that couldn’t be heard by anyone else, despite the microphone having adjusted itself to his mouth level. As Eledua stopped, little globes of light rose from the other gods’ heads and joined together over Bisi. Eledua used his two hands to hold the big globe of light and spoke some words again. Then he smashed the globe onto Bisi’s head and the light entered him. Immediately, Bisi’s body started shaking as if he was in a convulsed state. His body rose in the air and his face was turned up. After some moment, he became calm and his body floated to beside Eledua. His body adjusted itself, and he landed on his feet facing the gods. He opened his eyes and grinned. He bowed deeply to the other gods and prostrated to Eledua. Eledua nodded at him and he stood up and with a springy walk made his way to the seat behind Eshu.

“Since eternity, every one of you have been coordinating your own music, praises and praises directed to me. It is time that we have a Yoruba god of music. I present to you the distinguished Yoruba music legend and now god, Fela Kuti!” As the door swung open, the gods burst into spontaneous clapping. Fela, in his characteristic tightfitting trousers with flared edges and shirt walked with a bouncy gait to the front of Eledua. The process of making a god was repeated with Fela. When Fela landed on his feet, the microphone went from Eledua, adjusted itself and stopped in front of Fela’s mouth. Fela raised his fist in the Blank Panther salute and said “Everybody say yeah yeah”.

Fela with fists raised
Everybody say “Yeah Yeah”

(May be continued. Image gotten via Google search)


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    1. Olabisi Ajala was the famous “Ajala travelled all over the world” that Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey sang his fame. Google him. He was a fascinating ma.
      ‘Yemi Ajala
      Developer and Writer

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