Story for the gods: A defence

1 of Uncle Gboukzi’s twitter post

Uncle Olumide (@gboukzi), the fitfam master of Nigerian Twitter recently campaigned that people really listen to the lyrics of Olamide’s “Story for the gods” claiming that it promotes date-rape and should not be allowed in the public space.

Story for the gods music video

I am totally against all shades of rape, from marital to statutory, and will support any effort to de-legitimize anything that promotes it in the any amount or degree. However, I must disagree with our venerable Uncle.

One must understand that the average Yoruba girl (and not boys. Imagine!) is raised with the notion that she must not sleep around, with a promise of public scorn or (in some cases) religious eternal damnation if she does that (spits). However, nature doesn’t care, as once the sex hormones kicks in, the body rightfully craves for sex and it wants it as it wants food. Here comes the catch-22 for young nubile Yoruba girls: your body is saying yes, your mind is saying why not, but you mama is screaming in one small corner of your head NO!

Enters the boy who have been told that the degree of his social value is how many girls he has slept with. His hormones are raging, his mind is saying yes and his cultural influences (father, elder ones, friends and sometimes mother) are surreptitiously saying yes in the little corner of his mind. However, if he sleeps forcefully with the girl, he will get derision and scorn from those who would have otherwise hailed him (albeit mutely).

What’s to be done? Seduction. He’s attracted to a girl who is attracted to him also. They start cooing into each others ears. Then a perfect excuse for her to escape house/school/church/place of apprenticeship/shop: a party (a mutual friend’s, boy’s own or street’s). He would have secure a private place where they can get their groove on away from the main party. They start getting their groove on. Her body is definitely edging him on. And then she stops him…echoing the “no” that has been ingrained in her. And as an Omoluabi (that all Yoruba should be) he agrees. And this cycle of party-private room-groove- last minute no repeats itself.

I agree that this scenario maybe an oversimplification of a situation that definitely have many variations. However it is this kind of scenario that Olamide took for granted that every guy-man, 21 years and older have suffered. He presumes that we know he’s an experienced person (a badoo) in this kind of scenario and will use force of character in having his way….albeit on the predication that the said girl is not a virgin, wants the sex but is just playing hard to get in order to mess with the guy’s mind. So he’s telling the girl at the beginning of the song (and the hook) about his readiness for coitus:-

Mo ti mu Dongoyaro/ and Monkey Tail/ ba mi Claro/ I want to do Shina today… (I have taken local aphrodisiacs and want to have coitus today)

Then he tells us of his predicaments and all the excuses the girl has been giving for not “doing” (and the chorus):-

She said she cannot wait o (going home at 11pm?!? / she said its getting late o( O_o so you know) / she said she wants to faint o( and wants fresh air inside rain outside?) / Story for the gods(Abegi!)

Then they start “doing” it and Olamide, being a Badoo, reports it.(Chorus continues)

Now she’s saying “mo r’ogo”/ Oti kan mi l’apa o/ O ti kan mi lehin o /Story for the gods (Now she saying I’m in for it/ my hand is aching me/ my back is aching me/ Story for the gods)

This should be self-explanatory at this point I.e. The babe is enjoying the D so much she’s in the throes of ecstacy and is “speaking in tongues”.

I will not go into the analysis of the wordings (in other not to be too wordy) but I think an indigenous Yoruba speaker will find pointers to such a scenario in the verses (okay he was just talking about a chic he just met. I know I know). However a part is worthy of note:-

Ni ilekun ba shile/ A sh’o mu No fi wa/…/ I’ll show you what I got/ No do yanga… (And the door opened/So she actually brought Nofiat along…)

The girl brought a friend along (of course it’s a party and ladies love company) so if she didn’t want to “do” she’ll shout instead of speaking in tongues.

All this I agree may still be interpreted as rape in the very loose sense. However that will mean most of us walking around are a product of rape. The young man can be excused because from psychology, any man who fails the compliance test ALL women administer on all men they are interested in (by agreeing to everything she says…like “no” in this case) will never get to the “promise land”

So with this few point(s?) of mine, I hope I’ve been able to dis-abuse the minds that think its a rape song. Yes it is highly immoral, yes it probably should be frowned upon as it promotes promiscuity (when we are still fighting HIV/AIDS) but it doesn’t promote date rape and should not be banned.

(All typos and higi-haga logic should be blamed on the phone being used to type as I move from one meating to another. Eid el Mubarak).
Note:- I’m in no way affiliated to Olamide except as an involuntary consumer of his songs. He may have meant something quite different from what is stated here. Opinions shared here are simply my perception and is subject to logical debate

‘Yemi Ajala,


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