Casanova 101 (4th lecture note)

I stole a page off a friend’s (I didn’t say it’s balo7 ooo) notebook given him in his new coaching class…hmmmm

The reason you are not a player is because you have fallen in love once to a girl, a love with deep emotion and high spiritual connection. Now, that the lady has refused you and you want to be a player, you cannot because in every woman, you see a bit of the girl you hopelessly, helplessly love. And the one you love, you cannot harm.

To be the true player you want, you must guard your heart jealously. You must be vigilant always, never letting anyone come close to it. There must be no love, no matter how small, for any girl, no matter how beautiful, brainy or both combined.

As for the lady that is the object of your emotional misjudgment, of seeing girls with a heart and soul instead of just game to be played, you will have to fall out of love with her. There is no way you will be a player, a true player, if you are still in love with her. You will fall out of love with her and you will get better girls.

Do not let your heart deceive you. You are not going to die if you let her out of it. Push her out. Take as long as you want. Take any route you think will get you there fastest. Drink. Smoke. Work hard. Patronize prostitutes. Anything at all. Believe me, pushing her out of your heart is worth her weight in gold.

When you have succeeded in doing this, you are on your way to become a Don Juan devotee. A Casanova incarnate.

Remember the first rule: always be civil and polite to all, no matter what.

Don’t trust me
With your heart;
I’ll break it.
Trust me with
Your body, I’ll
Make you sing
When it rains.


5 thoughts on “Casanova 101 (4th lecture note)

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  1. Nice lecture! This is why there are no TRUE, FULL casanovas around.
    They always still love one of the many girls more than the others. They can’t get rid of the way their hearts are built.

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