Fare Thee Well Aunty Taiwo Olunaike nee Soyinka

Dear Aunty Taiwo Olunaike nee Soyinka, As you are buried today I would not be there. My heart hurts too much that the last time we saw was at your mother’s burial so many years ago. Yet, the presence of absence is not the absence of presence.Image

Shared memories, more than blood, makes a family strong and I can never forget some of ours: Your smile that can melt a stony heart, your essence which brings conviviality to a room and that lovely day you took me to the beach: my first time there. I wish we had more shared memories and more time to make them. The best I can do is to now create them with the kids you left behind. Your sudden demise is a wake-up call to all of us: “Cherish the time you have with people you love: it wont last forever”. (When I become president, i will sanction a week during the Yuletide as a “National Family Week”so family members can see and cherish one another)

Sleep well Aunty Tee and I wish you safe passage. Anything that they do in the afterlife, I’m positive you will be on the good side. Say hello to Chief Julius Taiwo Morolari for me. *pours virtual sand into her grave and makes mental not to write her a more worthy elegy*


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