Who are the masses?

Who are the masses?

They are victims
Weak to the bone marrow
Numerous and gullible like creatures ound below the food chain
They lack that special ingredient called guts

They are myopic, highly disorganized and easily distracted
Tey don’t have a say but won’t stop talking
They complain like whistling pines in the tropics
Shouting in their cocoons and whispering in the public

They are very experienced spectators
They pack themselves together like moss
And gaze and gaze alittle bit more and continue gazing
Brandizing a set of dreadful thirty twos

They were asked to go fuck themselves
Fuck themselves, they did
And now.., look at them, littered all over courts, prisons and hospitals
Moaning and groaning
Waiting for a wonder

The masses are The Used *indirect slavery*
Their tear drops contribute 10% of each rain pour
They ork their posteriors off
And bless each other with wrath fuelled by their frustration

They are like that bird that fights its image in the mirror
They feast on each other’s corpse like cannibal vultures
Killing helpless worms and praising the horned vipers

They live in magnificent huts made from excuses
They run in one direction like sheep
bt scatter like cockroaches
when the reverbration from the clash of the elite performs a tap dance in front of them

The fact of the matter is… they are the manipulated
They can’t do anything about it
They are used to facing the music
And will continue dancing to the drums of despair

Who are the masses?
Are you one of them?

– Wache Pollen (Chukwudi Ilobinso). @wache_pollen on twitter

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