I, Yemi Ajala, having read, observed and understood the nature of men, nations and countries and taking full cognisance of the histories of men, Nigeria and the black race hereby conclude the following:

  • The ‘Divine Rights of Kings’ is a travesty instituted by men to perpetuate themselves in power.
  • Slavery is the worst crime that can be committed by Man. All free men must always collude was to stamp it out. Slavery and laziness of the mind is the most potent and an unending war must be waged against it
  • The black man has always played the dregs of the planet and must pull his own weight and contribute actively its own quota to its development or would be stamped out.
  • That the black man is his greatest enemy, always working against himself in collusion with other races
  • Theology is the homage nonsense pays to sense.

From the foregoing, I would like to propose the following as part of a political theory which I call Heinleinism, as most the ideas come from the writer Robert Heinlein and at this point seems a very workable arrangement for the soon to emerge Republic of Yorubaland. This should be taken concomitantly with the visions of Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

  1. Only men who have served in the military and pays appropriate poll-tax are allowed to vote and be voted for. This will ensure only those who have placed their mortal bodies in defence of the state are the ones deciding the fate of the state. (The popular system of segregating votes by age is laughable – a forty-seven year old moron can vote while a sixteen year old genius can’t)
  2. The state must always be secular and all laws of the state supersede any religious injunction written or spoken since the dawn of man.
  3. All instructions, except for the study of foreign languages, in schools must be in Yoruba.
  4. Ethics and social responsibility must be taught/discussed at all levels of education, military service and governance.
  5. A national maximum and minimum wage, reviewed every year, which is tied to the Gross Domestic Product, must be in place, except during war situations.

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2 thoughts on “Heinleinism

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  1. 1. Not workable. Do we manufacture wars so we’re eligible to vote and be voted for? Since we’re talking about Yorubaland, we were the ones who said something uplifting about kids and old folk and rags.

    2. Well, yes.

    3. I agree. But there are globally settled things test will remain. For instance, scientific names will always be Latin or Latinized.

    4. Agreed.

    5. There’ll be some up-and-down about this.

    By the way, the conclusions (political theory) don’t really follow from the submissions. Otherwise, I admire the effort and the thought behind this. Nice one.

    1. Yes I agree it doesn’t follow. It’s more like a continuation of the un-numbered. Because we are Yorubas doesn’t mean we have to remain slaves to an unworkable adage. Thanks: we need to start thinking about this…. A philosophical basis of the new nation

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