(This was written in 2010. The recent issues made me revisit it)

Time and chance happens to them all
But I’m ready to go against this
Since I couldn’t help but to fall
For exquisite damsel called Moji

Chiselled by the hand of God
On a Sunday, she was no rush job
Painstakingly sculptured to perfection
For Goro’s jaw-dropping admiration

The twin minarets of her chest
The gyrating altar of her bosom
The hypnotism of her buttock bells
The way her intellect blossom

This, made Lagbaja to Ego cried
Why did I join to condemn Yerima?
I’ve now added his motto to mine:
Catch them young; they’ll be yours forever!

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8 thoughts on “Paedophilia

Add yours

  1. Dayum.

    Guy – I like the honesty in here. No be lie at all.

    Someone said the very same thing on Facebook – that we’re all more or less hypocrites.

    God help us. Nice job!

  2. Senate needs to pass this “poem” into law ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯. I”m following suit and targeting second schs now, Q.C 1st! *wide grin*

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