Amorality: A Short Assay

The other day, I was thinking about morality (yep. I’m weird like that). Who determines the right way of doing things? Why is it that when you do something in a different way, the society (read family, friends and acquaintances) will castigate and lampoon you until you conform? How did our moral values evolve to this point and why is moral codes as variants as tribes?
These were questions mulling in my head when it hits me: Gravity is not moral! Gravity is amoral! Gravity is amoral! As a self-described writer, I know a lot of words I don’t even know I know (crazy right?) I had to go and look up the word again in the dictionary. It meant “Lacking any sense of moral standards or principles”.
Gravity, and other natural laws, do not subscribe to ANY principles of right and wrong or conform to standards of behaviour and character based on those principles. Morals on the other hand are man-made things used to govern human relations and interactions in order to preserve order, hence these are codified as “laws”. Moral codes and law are the television set; gravity (and other natural laws) is the tree. Gravity will act on ANYBODY anywhere in the universe, irrespective of your moral codes. Jonathan, Angela Merkel and Pope Francis (all ogas at the top) will be punished by the natural laws of gravity, air drift etc. if they venture out of an flying airplane without a parachute. The Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Pantheists, Deist etc. are all subject to the natural laws….all their own laws are just tools they fashioned for mind control in order to hold on to/ get more power over the people.
Maybe they teach this in some philosophical or lawyering class but I found this thought(s) quite profound (because of the other thing I was thinking about: how people can be so dogmatically sure over something that has no natural basis e.g. women are supposed to wear hijab or be killed) as it changed the focal length of the lens I use in viewing the world. A lot of “laws” are out there and one needs to check the premise of all very carefully before submitting one’s existence to such.
So next time anyone says a law, please do a little acid test (not more than 5 seconds brain work really) and ask “Is it a tree or a television set”. Then your decision will become easier to make. Selah.

NOTE: There is a big difference between immorality and amorality. The difference? That is your assignment. Daz all.

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  1. Religion was actually formed to speculate on the not so many expressly known and named universal laws. Yes! Every religion frolics with the universe, seeking ways to secure a more orgasmic existence temporaly and in the hereafter!
    Every Religion is a formula, each with its unique set of variables and the daily lives of its adherents is supposed to be the proof.

    There is however only one constant- the universal “ask-believe-recieve (abr)” constant. So irrespective of how long and winding the rituals, how many good or evil spirits are evoked, how pious or impious, faithful or infidel; moral, immoral or amoral; if this constant is present in the formulae, success is gauranteed. The most successful amongs us form or modify “formulae” in order to keep closer to the ‘abr’….. Hence my own theory: the longer and more arduous the formulae, the stronger the mind control required to keep adherents, the more stupid and supertitious the faithful, the worse the threats to their lives-temporal and eternal and thus, the less likely for the adherents to live happier, healthier, fear-free, productive mortal lives. They are less likely to forgive and are highly vindictive- hence the thousands of end of world prophesies where Yod would punish all infidels. Isn’t it all just silly? Cos we are all infidels in the light or. Non-light of all religions…
    So next time you are thinking religion, ask yourselves how simplistic (close to abr) it is.

    Ope, I need my own blog, don’t I? Lol!

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