Beautiful Yoruba Diva

Here’s a little something I composed for this valentine season, everyone is burning with love and even if you aren’t, it’s pretty much alright to just enjoy it….here goes:

Love like red hot magma, burning through my soul
Ever since I gave you my heart, my chest feels empty, I’m just a big gaping hole
My skin burns like a fever, yes it’s true
The sun won’t scorch, and fire won’t burn, I’m only hot for you
My whole world’s crumbling, I keep falling apart
You’re the volcano that erupted and consumed my heart
At your sight, my heart jumps
And though my skin burns at your touch, I still have goosebumps
The sweet torture of your love is incomparable
Living without you, almost impossible
Each minute without you is so unbearable
Gotta let the world know, because my love for you…is undeniable
So don’t leave me alone in this…

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