Man Scorned/My Husband

In a certain black community,
A place in the Americas or Africa,
A young man groaned in pining
Love unrequited made him solemnly swear
That Earth will see. The burning fury
Of a man scorned will be made bare.
Since women wont in his relative poverty
Deal with him, even his most dear,
He will anything give to become wealthy
Then, all ladies better beware!

Anger helped him achieve mono-focus.
Without fail he progressed steadily.
Soon he was wealthy and changed his status
From a poor goody enthusiastic adonis
To a multi-women playing peacock.
Innocent baby-lawyers were his specialty
As the girl who broke his heart was one.
He called what he did “cancelling”
Cancelling cruelly the girls’ bright futures.
He made many girls to their pillow cry.

He made his friends and family cry too.
Mum said “I’m old. Please go and marry”
Best friend fell just short of calling him a fool
His reply: “Girls only want my money.
When I was poor, to them I was not cool.
Now they all rush to call me honey.
They must suffer!” he said losing his cool.
When a girl died because of him,
He finally agreed to take things cool
And find a gentle girl and live in bliss.

He eventually found a delectable miss.
A lady lawyer, gentle as a dove.
She fell for his charm and with with ease.
Herself from a rich family, to his wealth said no.
Wedding night came, with its attendant duties.
The bride paused, asked “Who is hussy”?
“I am” he replied and then had to freeze
As his wife had turned into a pig
His jaw fell to the floor as she rescind
“My husband” he heard himself speak.

*Since one profession had to suffer it, it had to be the one i hold in high esteem. Sorry lawyers*

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