Fola My Folly

I’ve been escaping neatly
But with Fola, I met my folly.
We met at the NYSC
On a cold dawn when you can barely see,
Shivering, cursing, sleepy, wondering
Why punish me for my degree?
Out of the misty melee
Came out the sun in its magnificient beauty
Fola, my folly.

Approach at first was a problem,
But thank God for our number of the emblem,
‘Cause it caused us into the same platoon,
And soon, started gisting like mouth and spoon.
By the third day I was in love,
A state I’ve been escaping before.
With a feeling of orgasmic exhiliration,
And a heart beating with trepidation,
On fourth, I confessed barring all inhibitions.

With a smile that could melt an asteroid,
No. The response came, hitting with a shock.
Why? My mouth was moving without control.
Why? My body was shivering with cold.
Why? My mind was numbed with sorrow.
Why? My heart turned to an hollow silo.
The answer finally came in the evening.
We belonged to different sect in christianity.
So, religion lost me my one and only.


5 thoughts on “Fola My Folly

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  1. Lovely poem. I love the way the lines flowed almost effortlessly.
    And the central theme of love and religion. Interesting.
    Ironic that love ought to be a major ingredient in religion or well, faith. But somehow the two sometimes simply have no meeting point.
    Lovely poem. Well done.

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